Main business

Lukang is an industrial chain company, which is specialized in farming, distribution of agricultural and sideline products, group meal trusteeship


To provide customers with low-cost and efficient food distribution solutions

Lukang company was founded in 2009, seeking development steadily, constantly reforming and innovating, has developed into a farming, agricultural and sideline products distribution, group diet custody, and Enterprise Logistics Integrated Services of the industrial chain company. Green Kang Dare to first for the world! To take the lead in working with the judicial system in the area of food logistics, and to set up its own product testing centre (testing for clenbuterol, meat moisture and pesticide residues) in accordance with QIA standards to ensure food safety safety through scientific and technological means, in order to realize scientific management, the management and business process of the company strictly follow ISO22000 and HACCP procedures. The company takes the Pearl River Delta market as the core, develops the southwest, faces the nation.

One-stop distribution service

To provide customers with low-cost and efficient food distribution solutions

Food distribution in canteen

Vegetables, rest assured meat, eggs, high-quality grain and oil, seasoning ingredients, green fruits and other 30 categories of nearly 1500 kinds

Joint venture

With many brand enterprises to establish good relations of cooperation, to ensure the supply of high-quality food.
  •  Guangdong Provincial Association for the promotion of trade
     Guangdong Provincial Association for the promotion of trade
  • First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine
    First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
    Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
  • Guangdong Marine Integrated Law Enforcement Unit
    Guangdong Marine Integrated Law Enforcement Unit
  • Department of Water Resources, Bắc Giang Basin Authority
    Department of Water Resources, Bắc Giang Basin Authority
  • White Jade Hotel
    White Jade Hotel