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Food, delicious food - Lvkang creates a wonderful life for you 1: Lvkang Company - Canteen Contracting Service Customer Group We serve various government agencies, institutions, and medical systems (including medical administrative departments and hospitals, medical universities, etc.) , education system (including educational management administrative agencies and universities, middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens), enterprise units (including large state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, and leading private enterprises).2: The benefits of canteen contracting to units More and more units contract their canteens to professional catering distribution companies or comprehensive supply chain companies.What are the benefits of the canteen contracting model to enterprises and institutions?The most obvious benefit is to save money and worry. It is difficult for various units to open canteens without experience to meet the daily needs of employees. It will also waste a lot of money and a lot of energy, and they may not be able to manage the canteens. Manage well and gain satisfaction from unit leaders and personnel.That’s why many enterprises, institutions, and agencies contract their canteens to professional canteen contracting companies, which saves money, trouble, and worry.Three: Advantages of Lvkang Company’s canteen contracting: 1: The best choice for canteen contracting: an industrial chain company that integrates planting and breeding, agricultural and sideline product distribution, group meal hosting, and corporate logistics comprehensive services. This type of company has: Intensification, Comprehensive management capabilities and overall operational capabilities.Lvkang Company is the right company for you.You have just what you need, and I have just enough.2: Lvkang Company was founded in 2009. It is an industrial chain company integrating planting and breeding, distribution of agricultural and sideline products, group meal hosting, and comprehensive corporate logistics services.Lvkang Company can contract the entire canteen and be responsible for the distribution of green, safe and traceable meat, grains and oils, fruits, vegetables and ingredients. It is responsible for the selection and salary payment of kitchen staff, welfare and insurance premiums, etc., and is responsible for the unified management of the unit's canteen. , planning, daily operations.3: Lvkang Company is a full industry chain company that has been commended by the government many times and has served hundreds of large institutions, enterprises and institutions for 15 years, including comprehensive food supply, meal hosting, and canteen contracting. We guarantee that the price of the food purchased by the canteen is The price is lower than the market. "Ingredients are directly selected from the Lvkang breeding and production base. From variety selection to food processing, temperature-controlled logistics and other links, full-process quality tracking and control is achieved to complete the "visibility and traceability" of the supply chain. , realizing a transparent supply quality system from farmland to table. The supply of food ingredients adopts a complete quality risk management system, realizing the standardization, logistics and Transparency makes food safer. Four: Lvkang Company - Canteen Sample Case Lvkang Company contracts agencies, medical education systems, and canteens of enterprises and institutions to provide you with professional canteen contract management. Our team of chefs will formulate The menu is standardized, the taste is nutritious and delicious, and the dining environment is elegant and hygienic.