Welcome to Guangzhou Lvkang Agricultural Products Co.,Ltd.

Green health company was founded in 2009, in the steady development and continuous reform and innovation, has now developed into a farming, agricultural products distribution, group meals hosted, and the industrial chain of enterprise's logistics integrated services company. 

Green health take the lead! Lead logistics catering areas cooperation with the justice system; by quality supervision Bureau of standard building products testing center (lean meat, meat, water, pesticide residue detection), scientific and technological means to ensure food hygiene and safety, over the years to keep food safety accident "zero" records to achieve scientific management, strict management and business processes of the company in accordance with HACCP and ISO22000 program execution. 

Companies in the Pearl River Delta as its core market, explore the Southwest, for the whole country. Our customers involved in the industry is quite extensive, there are State organs, administrative departments, schools, large factories and other enterprises. The company has entered the implementation of "green strategy", the production of "green products", developing "green marketing" green service stage. We will play a better leading role, which will set up the production, processing, marketing, testing, demonstrations, tours of integrated agricultural demonstration zone, do you trust green homes and consciousness of enterprise 

Green health to build bases of organic agricultural products and modern production workshop, green health welcomes more and more enterprises to work closely with health, nutrition, healthy food to bring more friends